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~  M u r d e r   M y s t e r y   P a c k a g e s  ~

Murder Mystery Package —
Personalized just for you!
1st Friday of the Month Mystery—
At Europa Restuarant!
  • All meals included
  • Accommodations included
  • 5 couple minimum
  • $117 per person 
  • Exquisite meal included
  • Individuals or couples welcome
  • $35 per person + accommodations
Interested in one of our murder mystery packages?
Call us at 573-486-1111 or 573-486-2222.


~  L o c a l   E n t e r t a i n m e n t  ~

Mozart by Moonlight
Europa Restaurant (selected dates)
For information, call 573-486-4443

Simon's on the Waterfront (2nd and last Friday of each month)
For information, call 573-486-2030

Live Musical Entertainment (Blues/Rock)
Simon's on the Waterfront (Saturday nights)
For information, call 573-486-2030


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